Connor Doyle (Digital Music Specialist)

Connor Doyle has been working in the film, tv, and video game industries in Toronto for almost a decade. After studying film production at Ryerson University he found he was drawn more to scoring and sound work than producing or directing. Connor began to work in Foley, live set recordings, before moving on to score for film, TV, and video games. Since then Connor has scored films that have debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, composed and recorded soundtracks for video games, and has produced, written, and recorded many albums in a variety of styles.

He has extensive experience in digital orchestration and has a diverse portfolio of musical styles ranging from EDM and chiptunes to blues and heavy metal. He is fluent in multiple digital scoring and notation tools such as Finale, Sibelius, Musescore, and Guitar Pro. He is also fluent in multiple Digital Audio Workstations including Logic, Ableton/Ableton Live, Reaper, FL Studio, Sonoma Riffworks, Cubase, and Pro Tools.

Connor first fell in love with orchestral music when his father took him to the video store and rented Star Wars. From the first powerful notes of John Williams classic score he was hooked. He grabbed his brother’s guitar and despite having no musical training transcribed the main theme to guitar. He spent the next few years trying to find a way to create the massive, epic sounds he heard from John Williams’ full orchestra but he only had his guitar. He got a rudimentary piece of audio looping software and recorded layer upon layer of electric guitar parts to emulate the sounds of an orchestra. This lead him down a rabbit hole of endless recording and arranging techniques and exploring the creative possibilities of recording.

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