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"Definitely NOT a Recital!" is a Definite Success!

Our school is comprised of about 40% adult student. And yet, these students often don't get an opportunity to get together and play (or not; people can always just watch and enjoy the work of our other adult students). We devised a better solution: it's Definitely NOT a Recital! We've had three of them already, with our latest another success. Just some of the feedback we received:

"Thank you for a great evening. Kudos to the performers! Next time I will be able to play..."

"We enjoyed meeting the other students and teachers at your schoo, and getting to know everyone! You have really started a great musical community at Midtown Music School and it was wonderful to be a part it this event. We are looking forward to many more in the future!"

"It was a perfect summer evening enjoying the some music, food, and good company. These are always my favourite events. Thank you!"

But perhaps most importantly:

"Hopefully next time more people can join the party. It's always great fun!"

See you at our next event!

Four Years of Success!

We started Midtown Music School in May, 2011 with the goal of making a music education, collaboration and performance program that was different than what was offered in Toronto. Since then, we have grown to over 180 students taking lessons across multiple instruments and disciplines. We have had over a dozen university entrance successes, two ARCTs, and multiple RCM First Class Honours results (several with Distinction!). We have made albums, won community awards, collaborated with charities - including creating our own bursary fund - and changed many lives along the way. On behalf of all of us at Midtown Music School, thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing where the future takes us, and hope you will be a part of it.

Harmony and Super Mario!

Here at Midtown Music School, we strive to make music education fun and relevant. In this video, Theory teacher David Stone explains that Harmony isn't as scary as it seems - with a little help from Super Mario Galaxy!

Welcome Octavian!

Due to overwhelming demand (sorry for the waitlisting!) and after an exhaustive search, we are thrillled to welcome Octavian Iacob to our Piano and Theory faculty. Octavian - who has one of the best music-related names we have ever heard - is a magnificent teacher, performer and composer. You can view his bio page by clicking here, and he is beginning to teach on Thursdays, with other days coming soon. Welcome, Octavian!

Tax Time 2015: Important Information for Parents

It’s that time of year again: Tax time. But did you know that, if you have a child taking lessons at Midtown Music School – or indeed, any music education program – you can qualify for a tax credit? Click “read more” to learn about this wonderful federal tax credit and what you need to do to claim it.

According to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency website, Line 370 on your tax form states:

You can claim to a maximum of $500 the fees paid in 2014 relating to the cost of registration or membership of your or your spouse’s or common-law partner’s child in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreation or developmental activity.

Midtown Music School qualifies for this tax credit because our programs meet the requirements of the CRA, as a qualifying program must:

  •           Be ongoing (a minimum of eight consecutive weeks long)
  •           Be supervised
  •           Be suitable for children

If you would like a copy of your payment records for 2014, please contact us and we will email you a copy for your accounting records.

And finally, so we’re clear: We’re music teachers, not accountants. Please consult a trained, professional accountant if you need further clarification for your specific tax situation.