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Closed for Winter Break

We are currently closed for the Holidays, earning some much needed down time. We will be returning for lessons on Monday, January 4. In the meantime, rest assured that we are still practicing, and so should you! If you are looking for lessons or are interested in our Holiday Bundle, please send us an email. We will be checking email sporadically throughout the break. Have a safe, happy and msical holiday!

Now Available: Early Childhood Music

Midtown Music School is excited to announce new Early Childhood Music programs are now available at our school! Led by Susan Chang, these programs are designed for children as young as 1 and all the way to 5+. Check out the new Music & Movement program page to learn more about this amazing opportunity for early music learning.

Welcome to the new Midtown Music School website!

We have worked tirelessly to become one of most vibrant, exciting and dynamic music schools around. With all that we are doing in the school, we felt it was time to have our website reflect many of the changes we have implemented.

For those who are new or did not see it, you can see our old site in the picture.

First thing you may notice is our new, cleaner logo. It is still artistic (as we are too!) but much more legible and reflects our growth into the institution we are: multiple disciplines, multiple teachers and over 180 lessons taught each week.

Next is much more subtle, but the site will work perfectly regardless of which screen you are using. People are now visiting websites on smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. Our site rescales itself so it will always be easy on the eyes, easy to read and easy to find whatever information you are looking for. (Go ahead and resize your window, and watch how everything seamlessly alters with your changes; we'll wait)

Finally, we are committed to maintaining our site as not just a place to find information about lessons with us, but about our activities throughout the year, fundraising and community initiatives, multimedia presentations as well as blogs and other articles about music and education throughout the year. As such, we will have promoted videos, stories and other content freshly available, so check back often!

We are working on the final touches and adding more information (our calendar will appear shortly with the important school year dates along with concerts our faculty will be performing). If you cannot find what you are looking for, please drop us a line and we will do what we can to update the site to make sure that things are working smoothly.

Thank you for visiting our new site! We hope to see you in our studios soon.

Summer Lessons Available!

Now that the warm weather is here, it's time to talk Summer! Lessons, that is. At Midtown Music School, we're open all year round.  (And don't worry; we do have air conditioning.)

Naturally, many of you will be taking vacations. But if students vanish for the entire summer, there is often a period of several weeks while we "dust off the cobwebs" - musically speaking - when students return in the fall. Even if you aren't around for the entire summer, a lesson here and there will help keep things fresh and maintained.

For those who are around all season long, we would encourage you to continue working towards your musical goals. Some students have even chosen to take additional lessons, or new subjects (such as working ahead on theory, or trying a different instrument out of curiosity; we have lots to choose from!).

We can also accommodate daytime lessons and irregular attendance, as most people tend to be more flexible over the summer. For this flexibility, we alter our attendance policy especially for summer lessons, between July 1st and Labour Day. If you cannot attend your lesson, we require 24 hours notice, otherwise the lesson will be charged.

However, should you miss a lesson with notice, any unused lessons can be transferred to your yearly invoice starting in September.

We look forward to seeing both current students and fresh faces in the warmer months!

Moshe Hammer Now Teaching at MTMS!

Midtown Music School is very excited to announce that world-renowned violinist and teacher Moshe Hammer is now teaching at Midtown Music School as an Artist Teacher! Mr. Hammer brings a wealth of worldwide learning, performing and teaching experience to our students. In the near future, we will be offering masterclasses, lectures and other performance opportunities with Mr. Hammer at the school. You can read more about him on his bio page.

Welcome, Moshe!