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Daytime Lesson Options

If you are struggling to find an after-school time for music lessons, did you know that students are able to have lessons during the middle of the day? It's true! Not only is it a convenient option for adult learners who have flexible work hours, but even school-age children are eligible. At (21[2e] of Part II [School Attendance] of the Province of Ontario's Education Act 1990), it states:

“A person is excused from school attendance [without penalty, if] the person is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one-half day in any week;”

It's a great way to help deal with the often-chaotic after-school schedule-crunch! Let us know how we can help find a perfect time for your music education with us.

Welcome Catherine Cosbey

We would like to formally welcome violinist Catherine Cosbey to our faculty at Midtown Music School! Catherine is a very talented performer and teacher. (And she's the sister of cello faculty Peter Cosbey; we enjoy being a family-driven school.) Catherine is now available for lessons for students of all ages and abilities. Welcome, Catherine! Feel free to read more about her and her amazing accomplishments here.

An Open Letter for Our Fifth Anniversary

On May 15th, 2011, Midtown Music School opened its doors for the first time. This weekend, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being a part of our amazing school.

When we started, there were only two of us, with one really nice piano and a whole lot of hope. Fast forward, and our faculty has grown to include not just piano, but all string instruments, stellar singing/songwriting and guitar departments, along with a complete Theory and History department (a rarity for any school to have that all under one roof!).

Ida, Peter, Mariko, Karen, Joanna, Richard, Yosef and Meredith: Our school is the best because of your amazing professionalism, expertise and heart. We wouldn’t be a school without you! On behalf of myself and all of the students, thank you for everything you do.

Our student successes speak for themselves. From successful university auditions, practical and theory examinations, festivals and recitals, our musical community embodies the best that Music can offer. The teachers always tell me about your successes, those special lessons where the smiles were that much wider, the music that much sweeter. Believe me when I say you students mean the world to the staff as well.

In our first five years, we’ve engaged in partnerships with you all, and with other like-minded arts businesses and communities. Our partnerships include the Bursary Fundraiser concerts which have raised over $5,000, working with the Arts Access Fund to help students in need, to Remenyi House Of Music's support with our Student Discount program (and who also graciously hosted our past fundraising events), we have tried to embody a true musical community.

We are not an island; Music does not exist in a vacuum. Sharing it with you has been one of the finest privileges of my life. I look forward to sharing your Musical experiences in the years to come!

So what’s next for Midtown Music School? Hopefully bigger and better things. Let’s just say we are working to build communities into Alliances…

We hope you will join us. And again, thank you for your music and your support.

Sincerely yours,

Theory/History Co-Requisites Information

So you just registered for your practical RCM exam. Congratulations! But if it was Grade 5 or above, did you complete the Theory or History co-requisites? No? Not to worry; Midtown Music School has got you covered on every subject, from Preliminary Rudiments all the way to Counterpoint and Analysis. We can prepare you for every May, August or December Theory/History Examination, all under one roof. And did you know they can count towards an Ontario high school credit? Read on for all the details.

We are very fortunate at Midtown Music School to be able to offer every single Royal Conservatory co-requisite, from beginner all the way up to ARCT. In order to receive your certificate and formalize your achievement, here are the practical (instrument) grades with their theory co-requisite requirements:



Grade 5

Preliminary Rudiments

Grade 6

Intermediate Rudiments

Grade 7*

Advanced Rudiments

Grade 8**

Advanced Rudiments

Grade 9

Above, plus Basic Harmony, History 1

Grade 10

Above, plus Intermediate Harmony, History 2

ARCT (Performer’s)

Above, plus Advanced Harmony, History 3, Counterpoint, Analysis

* Average of Practical & Theory Mark for a Grade 11 Credit.

** Average of Practical & Theory Mark for a Grade 12 Credit.

Let us help you achieve the best success you can. Call us, or speak to your teacher if you want to get that head start right away.