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Theory/History Co-Requisites and You!

So you just finished your practical exam in June. Congratulations! But if it was Grade 5 or above, did you complete the Theory or History co-requisites? No? Not to worry; Midtown's got you covered on every subject, from Preliminary Rudiments all the way to Counterpoint and Analysis. We can prepare you for every August or December Theory/History Examination, all under one roof. And did you know they can count towards an Ontario high school credit? Read on for all the details.

We are very fortunate at Midtown Music School to be able to offer every single Royal Conservatory co-requisite, from beginner all the way up to ARCT. In order to receive your certificate and formalize your achievement, here are the practical (instrument) grades with their theory co-requisite requirements:



Grade 5

Preliminary Rudiments

Grade 6

Intermediate Rudiments

Grade 7*

Advanced Rudiments

Grade 8**

Advanced Rudiments

Grade 9

Above, plus Basic Harmony, History 1

Grade 10

Above, plus Intermediate Harmony, History 2

ARCT (Performer’s)

Above, plus Advanced Harmony, History 3, Counterpoint, Analysis

* Average of Practical & Theory Mark for a Grade 11 Credit.

** Average of Practical & Theory Mark for a Grade 12 Credit.

Sure, we may be melting right now, but your brain doesn't have to! Let us help you achieve the best success you can. Call us, or speak to your teacher if you want to get that head start right away.

Big News: Ensemble-In-Residence!

We've been teasing for a while now about some big things happening at Midtown Music School, and at last we can begin unveling some of the information. First piece of news: We are extremely proud to welcome our ensemble-in-residence, The Annex Quartet. Read on to learn about this amazing group.

The Annex Quartet has been a musical fixture in Toronto for several years, playing everywhere from concert halls to coffee houses to Saturday mornings at the St. Lawrence Market. Their desire to play music from all over the world, with a special focus on developing new repertoire, has made them a unique chamber music group. Their talent attracted the attention of the world-renowned Kronos Quartet, not only joining them at Carnegie Hall in New York, but also here in Toronto for a joint concert at the Luminato Festival.

It is a sincere pleasure to have musicians of this calibre make their home at Midtown Music School. We hope their arrival will help inspire our community to greater musical heights. If you come to your lesson and happen to hear some beautiful music floating in the halls, stop for a moment and savour it. It's all part of our musical life and community at MTMS.

Summer Lessons

As we close in on the end of the school year, many people have thoughts of getaways to the cottage and beyond, or just kicking back poolside. But does that mean you should undo a lot of the progress you made over the last ten months? We didn't think so either, so read on about how summer lessons operate at Midtown Music School. (We even make Summer lessons make sense!)

As you know, lessons are billed during the school year with our school's attendance policy regarding absences in place for the regularly scheduled lessons. But we understand that summer is different, with spontaneous day trips or longer stretches where you go out of town. So here's how it works:

  • We work with you, looking at your schedule to see when you're around and when you're not. Sure, you might be gone for the whole month of July, but you might be around for a couple of weeks in August, right?
  • We make an invoice for the lessons we mutually believe can take place, and pre-pay for them (if you've already got your credit card on file, you're already set!).
  • If you're going to miss, unlike the school year, you may cancel with 24 hours notice. Lessons not cancelled within this time will be billed.
  • Any unused lesson fees will be applied to your school year invoice.

Now here's another thought: If you're around, why not use the extra time to get ahead on your music? Several of our students are lengthening their lessons, or even taking extra lessons to get accelerated results. It happens every year, and those students get such a leg up on their long-term goals.

Finally, schedules can be a lot more flexible for most of us. We can easily accommodate lessons during the mornings or afternoons, letting you keep your summer plans firmly in place.

We hope you'll let your September-to-June passion continue during the summer months, and look forward to sharing music with you the whole year through!


Enter Zev

This morning, very early, Zev Jacob Stone entered the world, weighing a hefty 9 pounds 5 ounces! Mommy, Daddy and Zev are all doing well. Needless to say, David Stone will not be teaching this week, but will return next week. Also, you should check out the Facebook page to see the results of the Guess the Baby Contest!