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Welcome Dr. Karen Broadhurst!

Our community continues to expand! We're thrilled to welcome Dr. Karen Broadhurst to the MTMS Faculty. Dr. Broadhurst brings a wealth of professionalism, experience and passion to our school. You can read her bio here, or read on for more.

Karen has been a dear friend to Midtown Music School since its inception. Music runs in her family: her mother, Arden Broadhurst was (and is) a very prominent teacher with the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, and her children are also avid musicians (two of them are preparing for ARCT-level courses, with the youngest not far behind!).

in addition, Dr. Broadhurst will be supply-teaching for Mariko Kamachi-Cosbey while she is off on maternity leave, so Mariko's students will benefit from her different perspective.

We are truly glad to have Karen join our amazing community of teachers at MTMS, and hope you'll come by to meet this amazing teacher. Welcome, Karen!

Back to School: How Does Payment Work?

Another one of the big questions we get from new students is, "How do I pay for my lessons?" It's simple, fair and easy to understand.

Methods of Payment

Midtown Music School is pleased to offer flexibility for method of payment. You can use cheque, Visa, MasterCard and even Discover Card. (No cash, please, as it is harder to track for our accounts.)

Do I Have to Pay All At Once?

Not at all! Most of our students choose to break up their invoices into simple monthly payments. You can do this either by bringing in post-dated cheques or filling in the pre-authorized credit card section the hard copy of your registration form.

If you do choose to pay all at once, we offer a 2% discount off your open invoice, so feel free to consider this option!

Can I Pay for Lessons One-at-a-Time?

No, but we have good reasons. To be honest, we have so many students that we couldn't keep track of that many payments flying in week after week. Second, it works hand-in-hand with our attendance policy to ensure that student lessons proceed smoothly and simply. Finally, it simplifies your life to not have to worry about remembering a payment every time you come in.

Am I Locked In for the Whole Year?

Again, not at all! Unlike many other schools that pre-book you for a large block of time, we only ask that you give us four weeks' written notice if you have to stop (this is also in our attendance policy). We will then pro-rate your invoice down to the time you would be stopping and close out the account.

This All Seems Way Too Simple.

Well, we try to keep the administration to a minimum here at MTMS. You're not here to talk about the admin (though we're always happy to chat or answer any questions or concerns you have!) but to enjoy being part of a thriving musical community. If there is any information here that is missing, let us know and we will be sure to update this post with your questions.

The Story of a Piano Room, Volume 2

If you had told us about a year ago that, not only would we need to get another piano, but that we would be able to get a Schimmel for our students, we probaby would have looked at you funny. But today, it's happily not a laughing matter. Read on for the wonderful story of this new addition to MTMS

This has been an amazing year for us. We've been growing so fast that we've managed to fill our schedule on the two pianos we have already. So what's a school to do? Get another one! We didn't compromise on the quality of the instrument, because we don't compromise on our lessons either! The best part is watching it come home, which happened this morning.

The truck arrived just after 9 a.m. this morning. Two gentlement were taking off all the layers of blankets and wrapping protecting the piano in their truck. (Please, if you're moving, hire specific piano movers. Yes, it's more money, but a destroyed piano costs a lot more than a specialized move!)

Then it was a simple matter of setting up ramps and a bit of serious heavy lifting. One of them remarked that he loved moving pianos because it was cheaper than a gym membership!

After that, it was a simple matter of wheeling it into the room, and voila! A perfect addition to our school!

We hope you'll come by and hear our amazing new piano, as well as the other ones we already have. We're thrilled to be able to share the best quality instruments with you, hopefully elevating your musical experience that much more.

Back to School: How Do I Register Online?

Around this time of year, many people want to take care of school-year activities as quickly and painlessly as possible. That's why Midtown Music School has a simple tool for you to take care of almost all the administrative work, wherever you are, with our Online Registration tool! Read on for an illustrated step-by-step guide to register online with us.

At the top of each page is a navigation bar. From wherever you are on the site, just click the Register button, then Register Online:

Click the Register button!

You'll come to our Online Registration area. Just fill in all the forms with your information, simple as that! Note that any box with a red asterisk is a mandatory field.

Registration Page 1

When you're done, click the Next Page button.

Next Page Button

The second page is all about your musical background. You can leave all this blank if you want, but the more information you provide, the better we can assess your musical needs before your first class with us. When you're done, click Next Page. If you think you made a mistake, you can always click on Previous Page to go back and correct what you wrote.

Registration Page 2

Finally, you'll come to a very important page: our attendance policy and billing information. Please take some time to read all this information. Once you have finished reading, you can check the box indicating you read the policies and agree with them, and click the Finish button.

Registration Page 3

And you're done! We'll have a hard copy ready for your lesson, and be in contact regarding payment either over the phone or in person at your first lesson.

We hope this guide will help you with your registration questions. If you have any other questions or need more help, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime!


Welcome Joanna Chapman-Smith!

You asked for it, you got it! Midtown Music School is pleased to welcome Joanna Chapman-Smith, singer/songwriter to our faculty. You can read her bio here, and read on for more about this talented musician.

Joanna has been touring around the globe for many years, singing, writing and teaching. She recently returned from a long European tour (the Highlands of Scotland being a particular highlight!), and has been interested in the holistic study of being a musician. She believes in being attuned to all parts of the musician, including using yoga to help keep a singer's physique in top condition. Joanna's arts background goes back a very long way (she and director David Stone were both students at Claude Watson School for the Arts twenty years ago!), and is looking forward to being a part of our vibrant community. Welcome, Joanna!