Music Theory & High School Credits

At Midtown Music School, we know our Music Theory. We love it too! If you want to know how all the levels of Theory work - including how to earn Ontario High School Credits - read on for all the information you need, along with why we feel we do things differently for theory. You will learn how music truly works, and love the learning along the way!


  • Level 5 Practical + Level 5 Theory = Level 5 Certificate
  • Level 6 Practical + Level 6 Theory = Level 6 Certificate
  • Level 7 Practical + Level 7 Theory = Level 7 Certificate AND Grade 11 Ontario High School Credit
  • Level 8 Practical + Level 8 Theory = Level 8 Certificate AND Grade 12Ontario High School Credit
  • Level 9 Ptractical + All the above Theory, andLevel 9 Harmony + History 1 = Level 9 Certificate
  • Level 10 Ptractical + All the above Theory, and Level 10 Harmony+ History 2 = Level 10 Certificate
  • ARCT Performer + All the above Theory, and ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint + ARCT Analysis + History 3 = ARCT Certificate

All Theory faculty are trained to teach the current updates to the RCM Theory Syllabus.

Music Theory is one of the most underrated parts of any music student’s education. Typically viewed as a requirement for intermediate and advanced students (which also allows high school-aged students to achieve a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma), Music Theory is so much more than just “how to write notes and scales.”

At Midtown Music School, we have a very different definition of Music Theory: Everything to do with music up until a note is sounded. By changing our attitude about what it means to study Theory – ironically, very little of which is theoretical, but rather, quite practical! – we can engage students like never before. From learning why scales matter, what we can build and create using them to working with real-world practical examples, our Music Theory program can enhance the practical instrument work while enabling new heights of musical achievement through true understanding and literacy.

We also have a lot of experience preparing students for Royal Conservatory Theory Exams. Our students routinely achieve First Class Honours and Distinction marks on these exams. But more than this, our students actually enjoy learning about how music works.  Many players report they are able to learn new pieces 30-50% faster than they did six months prior to beginning their Music Theory lessons.

Like all aspects of music, joy and passion drive students to new levels of progress and performance. Music Theory is an integral part of that growth – one that should definitely not be missed.

Our Music Theory Teachers

David Stone (Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis)

Dr. Karen Broadhurst (Rudiments, Harmony)

Octavian Iacob (Rudiments)

Dr. Megumi Okamoto (Rudiments)

William Shookhoff (Rudiments)

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