March 16, 2020 Update: Lessons Moving Online

Hello everyone,

This is David writing. We are now at the point where we must move all our lessons online. As a result, we must pause new enrollments for the time being while we sort out the needs of our current community. In addition, we are stopping our MTMS Children's Choir until further notice.

I have spoken with all my staff, and they are equipped with the technology for online lessons via Skype. As the teachers set up their accounts, they will be in touch with each of you individually to ensure you are communicating online. As with all things technical, there may be some growing pains while we begin this process.

I know it's not perfect; I share the frustration with all of you. As a teacher, I would prefer to be in the room with each student. We have a new reality for a little while; we have not been given a choice in this. The choice we can make is how we choose to live.  If we lead by example, we can help make the positive changes that will carry us through this crisis.

I fully believe that music will be an important part of our lives in the coming days and weeks. In this new reality of social isolation, music lessons can still be something to look forward to each week - and practicing gives us all something to do! Online lessons allow us to have a social interaction (which will be a key missing component of life for a while) no matter where we are.

Furthermore, your support of the school means that we can continue to provide for our families while we continue to provide for yours. Small businesses are being hardest hit by this pandemic. Please try to support as many of them as you can during this time.

I also understand that many of you have issues with the timing of your lessons. Again, please speak with your teacher if you need a schedule accommodation for your lesson time. As a father, I have been speaking with my students' families for help on my end too; we're all in this together!

As always, I am happy to answer your questions and concerns. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we transition to this new model. I will communicate with everyone as much as I can, being as straightforward and transparent as possible about what's happening.

There is no answer for how long this situation will last. But if I've learned anything in almost 15 years running music schools, it's this:  I know that music is absolutely core to our existence. I know that we as a community are stronger together. And I know we will thrive through this.

Musically yours,



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This is David Stone, Director of Midtown Music School. As we all have seen, circumstances have changed dramatically. All schools in Ontario will be closed for three weeks, all major sports leagues are cancelled, Broadway is going dark until April 12th.  It is important during these uncertain - and unprecedented - times that we do our part to continue to live our lives as normally as possible.

With this in mind, the staff and I at Midtown Music School are going to do our utmost to help keep music as a regular part of your lives. In advance of these upcoming weeks, I wanted to help get everyone on board with how we will be able to keep the music going.