Why Midtown Music School?


There are many music schools in Toronto. So what makes Midtown Music School different?

Changing the Focus

Music is supposed to be a fun and enriching pursuit. That’s why we focus on a love of learning, and a love of the material. Students are given instruction by highly trained and specialized faculty, all of whom also love to teach. By focusing on the journey, the destination – the goals of the students – is met with greater success and satisfaction. Our track record of student achievements in festivals, competitions and auditions is a testament to this philosophy.

Changing the Tools

Midtown Music School believes that, as times change, so do the tools of the trade. While we are proud of our quality instruments for our students (including beautiful European hand-built pianos from Bechstein and Schimmel), we also feel that technology plays an important role in music education for the 21st century. That’s why Midtown Music School offers student recordings, custom-layout arrangements using Finale notation software, and tablet computers to enhance our music library. Imagine having over 50,000 pieces at your fingertips! That’s the kind of possibility available at Midtown Music School  today.

Keeping the Best

While some things change, others stand the test of time. Keeping the student’s needs at the forefront, we offer a variety of programs to ensure the love of the journey remains constant. From traditional classical instruction, to the enrichment of the world-renowned Suzuki program, to modern jazz, rock and pop, Midtown Music School embraces the value in all music. Delivered by the best possible teachers, it all adds up to the best music education experience we can give.

Always Open

We are only as great as the community that makes up our school. If you are a part of our community, your questions, suggestions and feedback are invaluable to the change and growth of Midtown Music School. Call us, send us an email, or simply come talk to us. We’re always happy to listen.

If you want to see the Midtown Music School difference, book an appointment and experience it yourself.

New & notable

What's new

MTMS Online Recital June 2020

Even though we can't be together, we can still share our amazing achievements! Thanks to everyone participating in our first-ever online recital. We will be adding to this page as we get more recordings.


MTMS Online Summer Choir Program

When: June 29-August 21
Cost: $250 per child
Where: Your living room!

Like you, most (if not all!) of our summer camps and programs have been cancelled. We’re here to help!