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Welcome to Midtown Music School! We're glad you found us, and look forward to spending the next several decades being an important part of the musical community. Although you can read more on the About Us page, I wanted to take an opportunity to welcome you to our school, and why there's nowhere else like it. Speaking to many people throughout my years as a teacher, many people experienced music very differently from the way I did: learning by rote, memorization and regurgitation. It was very disheartening to hear about how so many people get discouraged and ultimately stop trying altogether. This is the founding principle of Midtown Music School: "Making Music Make Sense." The first half, Making Music, is obvious; I want to see as many people as possible making music. I can think of no other universal activity that people can do as individuals and as a group that carries so many benefits to all aspects of our lives. Making Sense, though, is a bit different. What I wanted to see is a place where people can try to figure out what music means to them. No two people are alike, so no single solution, program or curriculum can apply to every student. That's why I wanted to surround myself with teachers who can give any student what they need to succeed. When I say we give you more than what's on the page, I mean it. For example, in a theory class, rather than simply explain how to get a great mark on a theory exam (our students end up with those too!), I will go into the *why* of musical elements. Do you know why those symbols are called clefs, or why they're drawn that way? These are things that shouldn't be taken for granted, but are almost every lesson. Except here. Finally, I want students to enjoy themselves. While we take great pride in providing top-quality, professional lessons, we're all here for (hopefully) the same reason you are: to have a good time. Music is, at its core, something to be enjoyed, experienced and treasured. If you agree with this, I think you'll find Midtown Music School the right music school for you and your family. I'm always happy to hear from people with suggestions, comments, criticisms or kudos. Feel free to call or email us. Without you, our community, we wouldn't even be here. I hope to hear what you can create. Musically yours, David Stone Director, Midtown Music School

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MTMS Online Recital June 2020

Even though we can't be together, we can still share our amazing achievements! Thanks to everyone participating in our first-ever online recital. We will be adding to this page as we get more recordings.


MTMS Online Summer Choir Program

When: June 29-August 21
Cost: $250 per child
Where: Your living room!

Like you, most (if not all!) of our summer camps and programs have been cancelled. We’re here to help!