Summer Lessons: A Primer

Now that the weather has finally changed, it's time to talk Summer! Lessons, that is. At Midtown Music School, we're open all year round. Read on to find out how things work when the mercury rises. (And don't worry; we do have air conditioning.)

Naturally, many of you will be taking vacations. But if students vanish for the entire summer, there is often a period of several weeks while we "dust off the cobwebs" - musically speaking - when students return in the fall. Even if you aren't around for the entire summer, a lesson here and there will help keep things fresh and maintained.

For those who are around all season long, we would encourage you to continue working towards your musical goals. Some students have even chosen to take additional lessons, or new subjects (such as working ahead on theory, or trying a different instrument out of curiosity; we have lots to choose from!).

We can also accommodate daytime lessons and irregular attendance, as most people tend to be more flexible over the summer. For this flexibility, we alter our attendance policy especially for summer lessons, between July 1st and Labour Day. If you cannot attend your lesson, we require 24 hours notice, otherwise the lesson will be charged.

However, should you miss a lesson with notice, any unused lessons can be transferred to your yearly invoice starting in September.

We look forward to seeing both current students and fresh faces in the warmer months!

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