Student Perks

All current students of our school receive the Midtown Music School Student Card. With it, students will receive a 5% discount at Remenyi House of Music on qualifying sheet music purchases (excluding large items like textbooks), which is typically enough to cover the tax. Show the card when you buy or rent an instrument as well! We are very proud to be able to offer our students this wonderful perk for just being a part of our community!

Remenyi House of Music has been a destination for many Toronto musicians - students, amateurs and professionals alike. Remenyi has a vast selection of sheet music and scores, instruments, and tons of accessories. They care about relationships with people as much as music - something Midtown Music School very much agrees with.

“We are very excited about the new relationship between Remenyi House of Music and Midtown Music School," says Michael Remenyi. "For over 120 years, Remenyi Music has strived to provide musical excellence in every community. We recognize that Midtown Music School has the same dedication to growing the arts in Toronto, and we are excited to collaborate with them going forward.”

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Welcome to Two More Teachers!

We keep growing at Midtown Music School, so we are thrilled (again!) to announce Luke Mulholland and Miriam Kemppainen to our faculty. Luke is a talented and enthusiastic guitarist, with specialties in Jazz and rock.

More About Our Vocal Program

Our vocal teacher Meredith Wanstall has developed a wonderful vocal training program for her students over the years. She is excited to share more details with everyone about how learning vocals with her work. Read on to learn about how you (yes, you!) can sing!