Regent Park School of Music

Midtown Music School is pleased to work with community-based organizations like the Regent Park School of Music. The unused portion of our Bursary Fund at the end of each school year is donated to Regent Park School of Music to help fund lessons at their worthwhile institution.

About Regent Park School of Music
Founded in 1999, Regent Park School of Music provides high quality, affordable music education to youth-in-need in Regent Park and other high priority areas in the City of Toronto including Parkdale, Jane & Finch, and Lawrence Heights. They currently have more than 1100 students experiences in both private and group lessons. Located in the heart of Regent Park in the new Daniels Spectrum, their staff, faculty and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the safety and growth of thier students.
With the belief that music could empower children in Regent Park, a motivated group of individuals led by lawyer Judith Hinchman started the Regent Park School of Music and formed a Board of Directors. A Priest at St. Paul’s Basilica, Father Tom Day, heard of the initiative and was immediately interested. Father Day lived in Regent Park and knew many of the families in the area. He loved music and believed in giving children a safe place to go after school, so he offered RPSM space in the basement of his church. Within one week of Regent Park School of Music opening, more than 71 children had signed up for music lessons. RPSM ran music lessons out of the church for two years, and Father Day became a board member of the school. In 2004, Regent Park School of Music moved into a row house on Queen St. E. Now, Regent Park School of Music is located in the beautiful Daniels Spectrum, with amazing new facilities for their students. They continue to expand their programs for youth-in-need. 

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