The Composition program at Midtown Music School is one of the most comprehensive, innovative and enjoyable programs in the GTA. Students who have worked in this program have continued their work in post-secondary education and real-world opportunities such as film and television scoring, videogame scoring and concert performance.

Working in tandem with our Theory program, students are taught the importance of communication in their compositions on top of creative exploration. A focus on idiomatic composition (i.e. using the natural abilities, strengths and weaknesses of an instrument to guide a piece) as scoring techniques ensures that pieces are able to be performed and workshopped. Along with our full recording abilities and scoring stations, students build a real portfolio they can use for any pursuits in the composition field.

Students are taught by teachers with real world experience. Pieces have been premiered by the Mendelssohn Choir, Gryphon Trio and Niagara Brass, to name a few. Their works have been heard on radios and televisions across North America, Europe and Australia.

Our Composition Teachers

David Stone

Milen Petzelt-Sorace

Examples of student works are below. Please respect all copyright laws.

Mackenzie P. - Ghostly Caper, Miniature for String Quartet (download score)

Ghostly Caper

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Welcome to Two More Teachers!

We keep growing at Midtown Music School, so we are thrilled (again!) to announce Luke Mulholland and Miriam Kemppainen to our faculty. Luke is a talented and enthusiastic guitarist, with specialties in Jazz and rock.

More About Our Vocal Program

Our vocal teacher Meredith Wanstall has developed a wonderful vocal training program for her students over the years. She is excited to share more details with everyone about how learning vocals with her work. Read on to learn about how you (yes, you!) can sing!