Community Mentorship Program

At Midtown Music School, we truly believe in the value of our community - so much so that we have created the Community Mentorship Program. Our Community Mentorship is a unique opportunity for student to come together as a community and work towards the common goal of improving music-making for everyone!

The idea is simple: Pair more advanced students with beginners as practice partners, fostering friendships, music-making and inspiration. High school-aged students who are at an intermediate or advanced level of performance are paired with a younger, beginning student. Working together once per week in addition to the private lesson, the older student acts as a practice partner and mentor, giving a fresh perspective for a budding musician.

The younger student benefits from being inspired by a player much closer in age and ability to themselves. It also ensures that there is a guaranteed practice session during the week, as well as a social aspect that only music can provide.

The older student benefits as well! Being able to accurately communicate what is required for good technique and positive performance solidifies what the student has already learned. The responsibility of being a mentor, prepared once per week, builds good student stewardship. Also, the perspective switch from student to teacher and mentor is quite eye-opening. Often, the older student realizes how they appear to their teacher – particularly if they are under-prepared! Many older students feel a higher motivation to practice more, and enjoy the process of learning and music making more as a result.

High school students may also use these Community Mentorship sessions to earn volunteer hours towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

The best part is, it's free! Faculty members will be present to assist new mentors, but the only cost is time. This allows anyone to get in a supplemental guided practice session, or another constructive opinion on a student performance before an audition or festival. And it's all about everyone coming together, working as a true musical team.

This program is ideal for high school students looking for volunteer hours, aspiring teachers to practice working with students under the guidance of our faculty, or even a student who wishes to become more involved in their own education. After all: If you can teach it, then you definitely know it!

If you would like to be a mentor, or would like to participate in the program, please contact us and let us know.

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Online Lessons Now Available!

Midtown Music School has now successfully transitioned to a fully-online model for all our programs. We have successfully adapted all our lessons for remote learning, including all instruments, theory, even digital music production!

Coronavirus Update, An Open Letter

This is David Stone, Director of Midtown Music School. As we all have seen, circumstances have changed dramatically. All schools in Ontario will be closed for three weeks, all major sports leagues are cancelled, Broadway is going dark until April 12th.  It is important during these uncertain - and unprecedented - times that we do our part to continue to live our lives as normally as possible.

With this in mind, the staff and I at Midtown Music School are going to do our utmost to help keep music as a regular part of your lives. In advance of these upcoming weeks, I wanted to help get everyone on board with how we will be able to keep the music going.