About Midtown Music School

Midtown Music School was founded with the motto Making Music Make Sense. The school takes a fun, relevant and modern approach to music that emphasizes the journey of learning with an approach that goes beyond the notes on the page. The results have inevitably followed.

“Midtown Music School makes learning music lots of fun. They both help you achieve your goals and encourage you to go beyond them!”

Our faculty use a variety of teaching methods suited to the individual needs of each student. Music doesn't fit into a square box, so why should music lessons? From the world-renowned Suzuki method to the Royal Conservatory exam curriculum, from classical and jazz to Songwriting 101 and Theory 911, we aim to provide the most engaging and rewarding music lessons in the business.

“By taking my musical interests to heart, Midtown Music School created lesson plans that kept me motivated and interested without feeling like I was doing homework.  Their teaching practices made my love for music and composition grow.  I wouldn't be the musician I am today if it weren't for their methods and enthusiastic drive to teach.”

Midtown Music School is conveniently located at 516 Eglinton Avenue East, just a couple of blocks east of Mount Pleasant. The facility offers free parking, public transit accessibility (routes 34, 51, 54, 56 and 100 buses from Eglinton Station all come to the school. There’s a bus stop literally right outside the front door!), a waiting area for parents, and plenty of shops and amenities a short walk away.

“You won't regret taking lessons at Midtown Music School. I know I don't!"

Lessons are given in bright and spacious rooms on high-end well-maintained instruments. All our pianos are European, hand-built instruments. Technology is frequently used to enhance lessons, whether it's using computers to record a lesson, using Finale to learn about composition and musical notation, or using tablet computers with thousands of virtual musical manuscripts at our fingertips.

We strive to make every part of attending our school simple and fun. You can even register online with us! Everyone who registers with us must agree with our attendance policy, which is written in plain language and helps to affirm an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

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Online Lessons Now Available!

Midtown Music School has now successfully transitioned to a fully-online model for all our programs. We have successfully adapted all our lessons for remote learning, including all instruments, theory, even digital music production!

Coronavirus Update, An Open Letter

This is David Stone, Director of Midtown Music School. As we all have seen, circumstances have changed dramatically. All schools in Ontario will be closed for three weeks, all major sports leagues are cancelled, Broadway is going dark until April 12th.  It is important during these uncertain - and unprecedented - times that we do our part to continue to live our lives as normally as possible.

With this in mind, the staff and I at Midtown Music School are going to do our utmost to help keep music as a regular part of your lives. In advance of these upcoming weeks, I wanted to help get everyone on board with how we will be able to keep the music going.